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Marketing Misnomers

What's the difference between 'Marketing' and 'Advertising'? These terms are often used as synonyms. To Joey, "Marketing" refers to any tactic of bringing a product or service to market, like handing out fliers, going to a tradeshow, or buying paid Advertising on TV. "Advertising", on the other hand, is a specific TYPE of Marketing, and refers to the purchasing of paid advertising positioning like on TV, in a Magazine or even Online.

Marketing, advertising, and business strategy are the three pillars of business success. At Joey we handle Marketing and Advertising. We help clients strategize the best ways to market their businesses and where the best places are to advertise. We are not beholden to any single type of marketing or advertising location. We give client unbiased advice using our experience and years of success.

Small Business Marketing Plans

We get it. Marketing is hard. It's a combination of business acumen, creative, planning, and so much more. If you're busy running your business, how can you be expected to be growing your business at the same time? That's where we come in. We help come up with a concrete plan that's custom-tailored to your business. Our marketing plan is like a roadmap that we help you follow. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that items are being addressed in a timely manner, ultimately leading toward your success.

Introducing Segwik

Our new marketing platform was created to become the solution to maintaining all things marketing. This premier software gives your business a place to manage your entire marketing strategy, such as campaigns, busy/slow dates, projects, trends, budgets, and so much more. It is a truly all-in-one experience.


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