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Think Like A Brand

We encourage our clients to think of themselves as a "brand". You may be thinking, "I'm a small business, why would I need to think of my business as a brand? I have nothing in common with Geico, Coca-Cola, Applebees, or Apple". The simple answer is because all of your customers and potential customers think of you as a brand, and if you don't, you're missing out on forging the strongest type of loyal customers.. Do this quick exercise-think of Geico and what do you think of? Think of Apple and what do you think of? Think of Microsoft and what do you think of? Each one of these businesses that you think of brings to your imagination all sorts of other imagery and emotion with it. It's this emotion that forces you to buy or not to buy. It's this emotion that makes you choose Coke over Pepsi, or Apple over Dell. We don't buy with our minds, we buy with our hearts.

The Good News and Bad News

Now, the good news (and bad news) is your customers have already been thinking about your business as a brand, and you just haven't noticed. This is good news if you've paid attention to the little things like your logo, your website, the shirts or hats your employees wear, your outgoing phone messages or even just the way that you greet your customers when they come through the door. All of these things add up to an emotional investment that your customers have with your business.

It's bad news if you haven't been thinking about these details All of these individually, are important, but, when combined, turn into your business' 'brand'. If you haven't been thinking about these things, don't worry. The Joey Creative Agency can help begin to think of yourself as a brand, and get you started down the right path toward greater success.

Your Brand Book

A "brand" means that your customers have some sort of emotional reaction to the interactions that take place with your business. Being conscious of this can help you influence the buying habits of your customers. Your logo, your brand colors, your font, and much more all add up and evoke an emotional buying experience in your customers. The Joey Creative Agency is here to help you figure out exactly what you want your brand to be and to help you design everything from your logo, to your slogan, to your hats all the way to your outgoing voicemail messages. All of the rules, fonts, logos, slogans all combine to be your "Brand Book". A simple set of rules for how your business will be received in all interactions with customers.


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