Logo Design

Your logo, next to your website, is the most important marketing tool that you can have. It should be recognizable and memorable. A logo doesn't have to be something like the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo, rather a logo could be just a specific font that represents the modern or traditional qualities of your company.

Here at Joey, we have many talented and experienced designers who can help give your brand a fresh look. Schedule an appointment today to work on how your brand should look.

  • Accurately reflects the brand personality
  • Colors and fonts are well documented
  • Is designed with variations for web and print graphics
  • Is high quality and resolution
  • Is interesting and eye catching
  • Measurements and dimensions are well-documented
  • $500 - $5,000
  • Amount of versions
  • Intricacy of the design
  • Amount of revisions
  • Amount of final outputs


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