Web & Social Media


The Importance Of A Web Presence

Today, there's no reason (and no excuse) for not having a strong web and social media presence. In the past, businesses had limited AFFORDABLE choices for getting there businesses noticed. You had the local newspaper, the Yellow Pages and your store's signage. That was about it. Today, on the other hand, the Web and Social Media has literally opened up a WORLD of opportunities!

Web Development

No longer is it acceptable to present your business in an unprofessional manner. Today's consumer is savvier than ever, and your business needs to stand out from the crowd! If your website looks dated, has typos, missing or just plain wrong information, pixelated pictures or is not mobile responsive, people will notice, will get turned off, and you will lose business. The Joey Creative Agency helps you build a website that will get you noticed. Regardless of the scope of your project, single-page websites all the way up to eCommerce sites that can be 1000s of pages deep, we will price our projects competitively and guide you seamlessly through the web development process.

Our developers are skilled in all of the popular programming languages. You will get a site that you can manage the content on your own, or if you'd prefer to have us manage content, we have packages for that too.

Social Media Management

We understand that there is a lot of confusion and just plain misinformation about how businesses should be incorporating social media into their overall marketing plans. First off-it's totally understandable that you're confused. Let's put that confusion to rest by saying that each business can and should utilize social media platforms in a manner that is unique to that business.

Think of social media platforms as different towns, communities or groups. Each of them has different qualities to them, different purposes, and different capabilities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest are all different communities. We can help you decide how you want your business to be viewed in each of these communities and what is the best way to maximize your participation in each of these communities.


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