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Deeply Knowledgeable Deeply Knowledgeable
Unapologetically Creative Unapologetically Creative
Powerfully Equipped Powerfully Equipped

Pillars Of Our
Marketing Program

Highly Communicative Highly Communicative
Socially Outstanding Socially Outstanding
Greatly Organized Greatly Organized

Deeply Knowledgeable

Think about the time it would take for a newly-hired, full-time marketing director to learn everything there is to know about your business... we have it down to a science.

Executive Analysis

Executive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Branding Audit

Branding Audit

Advanced Services Setup

Advanced Services Setup

Executive Analysis

This session sets the stage for all subsequent marketing activities.

Business Goals
Bird's Eye Overview
Life Goals
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Competitive Analysis

Wordpress Content Management System
Segwik Content Management System
On-site SEO Best Practices

Branding Audit

A fun and eye-opening question and answer session discussing your business' look, feel, and creative requirements.

Wordpress Content Management System
Segwik Content Management System
On-site SEO Best Practices

Advanced Services Setup

A thorough discussion about the products and services your small business sells. How can we organize them into various buckets? Is there opportunities for recurring revenue? During this session a Joey Marketing Director fleshes out various details about your products and services list, figuring out pricing models and more.

Wordpress Content Management System
Segwik Content Management System
On-site SEO Best Practices

Unapologetically Creative

Standing out from the crowd and looking
like a professional business is paramount.

ALL Your Creative Needs Met


Powerfully Equipped

• 50% of online sales are lost because of bad or missing content*
• 37% use the web to find a store at least once per month*
• 91% have visited a store because of a website*


Powerful Website –
An Effective Marketing Tool

Our websites are beautifully designed, expertly programmed, and hosted on the most powerful hosting platform on the planet, Amazon AWS. We believe in websites that engage your audience, provide a useful service, and ultimately turn leads into customers, into raving fans.


Custom-Designed Or Templated
Mobile Responsive
SEO Friendly
Connected To Social Media
Connected To CRM*
Backed Up Daily*
Segwik CMS*
Superfast Page Delivery*
Visitor Tracking*
Retargeting Capable*
Lead Capture*
AdWords Ready*
Customer-Portal Enabled
Securely Hosted on Amazon AWS*


* denotes BONUS features that are standard on ALL Joey website productions that other development teams charge thousands in additional fees to produce.

Thought Leadership
Get Hopelessly Devoted Customers

Thought leadership within your business space is critical to gaining an edge on your competition. Joey is expert at gaining audiences for our clients who not just need your product, but agree with all of the ways in which you run your business.

Social Media Strategy
We first determine your "voice", then analyze the competition, and finally set in motion a strategy that is in line with your business goals.


Social Media Setup
Social Media Setup Reassign the office admin to more productive activities, and let us handle setting up your social media properly. There's MUCH more to it then just setting up your FB business account.


Social Media management
Once the objectives are set and the tactics established, we go to work, creating content to be shared socially, helping you build your audience, then your brand, then your business.


Socially Outstanding

In 2015, Facebook influenced 52% of
consumers purchases online
and offline.*
*The DigitalsBi Connected Commission



Email marketing technology is used by 82% of
B2B and B2C companies.*

Email Marketing – Arguably The Highest R.O.I. Marketing Activity

We help our clients beat the pitfalls of email marketing, i.e. not having the technology setup properly, not having a proper and organized customer list, and not having the time or knowledge on how to design effective email automation and marketing campaigns.


Email Marketing Strategy

There’s so many options, which is right for you? Joey sends out hundreds of thousands of emails every month for clients of all shapes and sizes. We’ll help you come up with a strategy that balances efficacy with intrusion.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We will design beautiful and elegant newsletters that receive high click-thru rates. This will lead toward conversions and money in your business. You’ll learn what gets the most clicks and your content will improve over time.

Email Automation

How much of your customer communications can be automated? Seasonal reminders? Monthly reminders? Payment due reminders? Our clients experience a nirvana of customer engagement and communication thru the use of intelligent email automation systems.



CRM – Organizes Your Business

Nothing organizes a business like a well-set up and customized CRM, tailored to fit the needs of your business. We consult with our clients to figure out their CRM needs, customize and set up required integrations, import all of your contacts, train your team and support you during operation.


•Create Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders,
•Create Estimates, Log Hours & Tasks
•Store All Your Marketing Collateral
•Manage All Your Contacts
•Track Your Sales Pipeline
•Manage Social media
•Track Customer Activity


Highly Organized

Companies with a CRM:
Are 6% more profitable*
Close Deals 26 days faster*
and 45% more this*
*Professional services report



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