Testimonial TV Commercial Production

What we do

Medical offices, Physical Trainers, or even mail order food services all have one thing in common, they generate a lot of their business through positive client testimonials. A testimonial based TV commercial is just one of many varying styles in which we can help promote your brand. At Joey, our goal is to make your audience feel connected with your core message and with a Testimonial TV commercial, we can ensure that that happens.

How we do it

We'll be getting one or more of your favorite customers on screen to star in a 15 or 30 second video letting the viewing public know about your story. They'll say how they came to you and what you did for them. We shoot scenes of them talking to an interviewer, usually off-screen, interacting with you, enjoying your product or service, or simply enjoying life.

Why choose Joey

We've made some pretty awesome videos in our relatively short history. We have made first-time spokesmen and spokeswomen for AheadInk, Worldwide Carpet, and many more. There's a fun little challenge in every project we do, and you get us at our most vibrant when we get to create a commercial for you. This genre of commercial is also very popular with audiences, letting them know of a real satisfied person who can vouch for you.

Our philosophy

When we see a commercial, we don't want paid actors who act like satisfied customers. We want real, bonafide customers who are so compelled to endorse you on screen. Doing so will make you much popular with your customer base.


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