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When Having The Perfect Website Is Paramount

What we do

Forget about Wordpress, Squarespace or even Wix! Those drag and drop websites are constantly limiting businesses in what they can actually achieve with their website. So if you want a web presence you can actually control and create to your needs, then let us help you make that dream a reality. At Joey, we strive to create the perfect website for you by truly capturing your business goals and brand into one cohesive site.

How we do it

Say hello to the the Web 2.0. We are your web development team, creating your front window on the internet. We don't make you a Wordpress website, we make a custom build for you, based on our own format, and editable by you or us at any time.

Why choose Joey

We are the experts in speaking "Segwik interface." This platform lets either of us edit the language and layout of your site with more precision than you would get with other website builders, and we can make all the assets that you need, too. Your custom domain is part of the package. Clients, new and old, we invite you to choose us to upgrade to a fast, responsive and interactive site on the internet.

Our philosophy

Websites don't have to look like newspapers anymore! They can be free to be whatever they want to be! Our modern browser tastes have collectively settled on the continuous scroll idea, and we will be proud to build that experience for your customers, or any other kind of design that you deem appropriate.


We will design and code a website using various pre-designed elements and new coding using reference sites as a guide at a time in the future.

  • Cost of Ownership and maintenance
    • All websites have an ongoing cost of ownership, unless you plan on hosting on your own servers in-house, which would be highly, highly unrecommended.
    • We host all sites we produce and provide a basic maintenance plan that includes:
      • daily backups
      • Content Management System updates
      • 1/2 of basic content management per month
    • This hosting and maintenance fee is $25/month
    • There is a CMS License fee as well at $25/month
    • Additional marketing or SEO work is charged separately
  • Ownership
    • All copy (written words), custom photos, custom videos that are produced for the client from scratch are considered "work for hire".  This means that the client is entitled to full ownership of this work.
      • Some images and videos contained on your website may be bought from third-party commercial stock material libraries. The client is granted a one-time use fee to use these types of media only within the website environment.  The license does not extend to other mediums.
      • This means that if we use a stock photograph on your home page, you do not have the permission to just use it on a brochure unless a new license is granted from thru us from the stock library that the image was sourced from.
    • Content Management system is granted as a monthly license described above.
    • If at any point, assuming that all work has been paid in full and any contractual obligations have been satisfied, client desires to sever the relationship with the producer and Segwik, the website and all of its contents will need to be migrated to a third-party web hosting company.  It's impossible to predict the features and behaviors of the client's desired hosting environment, therefore it's impossible to know what the full cost will be to migrate the site.  Generally this can be done in 3 hours or as much as 10 hours in rare instances.
    • In these cases a $750 Segwik CMS Lifetime License will be required to obtain ownership of the front end code and back-end website content management system.  Migration fees (approximately 3-10 hours) will be charged hourly at $95/hour.

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