CRM – Perfectly Organized Business

CRMs are the glue that hold well-functioning businesses together.  Businesses who adopt CRMs close deals faster, and are more profitable.

Segwik CRM Setup

If you have customers, then you need Customer Relations Management. Using Segwik, our customers know that they have their customer information at the ready, because we know how streamlined we made the system for ourselves. Use Joey's own method of CRM.



You don't have to start over. Knowing the market for CRM, we made our system compatible with other formats of data from the start. If you have been using a popular service like Microsoft, or Business Works, or even no name brand, we will preserve your management and persue its growth and change.


Contact Data Mining

Unique amongst its peers, The Joey Creative Agency maintains an impressive array of data mining sources that allows us to grow our client's contact lists for marketing, market research, survey or whatever other purposes your business requires. Examples of lists we are able to nurture include:  

  • Recent home sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Municipal work permit locations
  • Local businesses
  • University administrators
  • Municipal contacts and more


Contact List Management

Managing relationships with cohorts is just like managing relationships with customers. As your business grows, both groups become larger. Trust your contact groups with us: we will coordinate them to make the most out of your relationships and save you time.


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