Email Communications Management

What we do

Hire us to take care of your emails. We will set you up with your own informational email ( for people to talk to. To keep your workflow free, use us to answer your customers basic questions and concerns.

How we do it

Either we set up a new email address or you hand over the keys to an old one. We'll act as PR, being as helpful as we can to each who write to you, and we'll forward you any that are directed to management or higher.

Why choose Joey

The bigger customer base you get, the more work it is to interact with all of them. You have to be available longer in the day, you have to save all correspondances, contribute to your CRM, etc. We're your marketing department, so we will have all that information, or we know where to put it. Hard job for you, easy for us.

Our philosophy

Any way that we can make your day easier, we wish to do it.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive .

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