Basic CRM Setup

What we do

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to practices and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers and building efficiencies in their business. Joey is an official reseller of Segwik®, a business management platform that compiles information on customers across all different "channels.", and helps maintain and enforce proper operations. These channels include your website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media, to name some. Adopting Segwik® allows for Joey to consult your business much more efficiently, and at a lower cost than our clients who do not adopt this revolutionary software.  Companies that adopt CRMs maintain better marketing strategies, close deals faster, for more money, and ultimately run better businesses. Our system also gives you detailed information on customers' personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

The advent of a hyper-connected world has birthed the need for top-quality, incredibly efficient and smooth customer relationship management (CRM). The multiple facets or channels that your customers and the public interacts with your company means that you need systems in place to help manage an ever increasing and necessary collection of information and data.  Having a team to help set your business up on a platform that fits your needs like a glove is what your business needs, not just another subscription software.  

Joey assists our clients with data gathering, data sorting, and data importing. We help assemble lists of customers, leads, purchases, invoices and much more.  

  • Segwik Account Holders Receive:
    • Leads loaded and managed in one software
    • Customers loaded and managed in one software
    • Ability to easily produce professional-looking quotes, invoices, proposals and more
    • A portal for your customers to log in and interact with your business
      • Full Customer Portal
      • review your quotes and invoices
      • review and make payments
      • change password/login info
      • agreements with your firm stored in one place
      • agree to quotes, estimates, proposals, and project scopes
      • receive birthday and anniversary notifications
    • Fully automated customer communications and reminders
    • Marketing handled in one place
      • Social media posting
      • Email blasts
      • Drip campaigns
      • Advice and guidance
      • Website content management
    • Drip campaigns, automations and marketing upon Product/Service purchase
    • Automatic birthday and anniversary emails
    • Ability to enact multiple drip campaigns for new customers based on selections in customer creation form, or from within CRM.
  • Sales Pipeline Management
    • Clients can digitally "agree" to quotes, estimates, or proposals, setting off a series of events such as:
      • Converting the Quote, estimate or proposal to a "Purchase"
      • generating a Purchase Confirmation Email
      • Generating a Purchase Thank You Email
      • Generate a lease document
      • Set into motion the lease "welcome" email, monthly payment reminders email, and end of term reminder email
    • Any of these instances can also create tasks and reminders.


  • Marketing Collateral to be produced for this platform to work properly:
    • Master Services Agreement
    • Marketing Emails
      • Birthday email template
      • Anniversary email template
      • New Inventory/Product announcement
      • Basic Newsletter template
      • Referral Request Email
      • Review Request
      • New Years
      • Martin Luther King Day
      • George Washington's Birthday
      • Memorial Day
      • Independence Day
      • Labor Day
      • Columbus Day
      • Veteran's Day
      • Christmas Day
      • *Other marketing and holiday email templates available upon request.
    • Standard Transactional Emails
      • Customer email confirmation
      • Customer Welcome
      • Customer Password Reset
      • Customer Quote/Proposal/Estimate/Project Scope Review email template
      • Customer Quote/Proposal/Estimate reminder email
      • Customer Invoice reminder
      • Customer Purchase Confirmation Email
      • Customer Purchase Thank you email
      • Purchase Anniversary emails
      • 6-Month Check-in email
      • Service Reminder emails
      • Master Services Agreement Email
      • Leasing/Financing Initiation Email*
      • Lease/Finance Payment Reminders Email*



  • Your Customers Gain The Benefit of:
    • Full Customer Portal
    • Better direct communication with your business
    • A specific place on the web to interact with your business
    • Ability to review your quotes and invoices, having them stored in a permanent place
    • Make direct payments to you via ACH, credit card or debit card
    • Review payment histories
    • change password/login info
    • agreements with your firm stored in one place
    • agree to quotes, estimates, proposals, and project scopes
    • receive birthday and anniversary notifications


How we do it

  • Phase 1 Segwik Account Creation
    • Basic Settings
    • Multi-Users
    • Contact info
    • Password storage
  • Phase 2 Data Importing
    • Leads
    • Customers
    • Companies
    • Vendors
    • Product categories
    • Product Sub Categories
    • Products
    • Service Categories
    • Service Sub Categories
    • Services
    • Family/Friends
    • Proposals
    • Estimates
    • Invoices
    • Quotes
    • RFPs
    • Scopes of Work
    • Projects
    • Subscriptions
    • Leases/finances
    • Optional Services:
      • Copywriting
      • Business card transcriptions
      • Phone contact exporting
      • Spreadsheet processing.
      • Other data transcription services and typing
      • Third-party software data exporting
      • On-site data gathering
  • Phase 3 Communications and Drip Campaigns
    • Creation of Customer emails
    • Creation of confirmation emails
    • Creation of holiday emails
    • Creation of other drip campaigns
    • check out emails
    • reminders and other automations
  • Phase 4 Advanced Setups
    • advanced product and setup features
    • Payment portal setup
  • Phase 5 Monitoring
    • make changes, edits, additions/subtractions

Why choose Joey

Consumer information is some of the most valuable information you can own, given a critical size. You might use it every day in order to make sales and interact with the public. For ease of use and security, this information needs to be centralized and backed up for your company to use whenever, wherever. We offer CRM service within Segwik for this common need, built for firms both large and small. Built into our dashboard, you can do amazing things with it, such as target a campaign to neighborhoods and relatives, or start a customer loyalty program. Never lose a name again.

Our philosophy

Every transaction you do can be recorded in memory, and can become very useful. It can help to retain customers. We want to help you give your customers a modern web experience while helping you with an affordable method.


This service requires the participation of the client or designated client representatives to work in gathering and building various lists.  Joey representatives will work with the client to assemble and organize lists and assist in importing data into CRM.

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